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Writing Prompt: Say Cheese! Then Chaos ensues.

  “Say cheese,” the photographer said before pressing the shutter. After the flash was when things got out of hand. Finn shoved Callie and called her a liar. Everyone was in shock. They just got married. What was going on? The photographer stood, unsure about what to do next. This was certainly a first experience… Continue reading Writing Prompt: Say Cheese! Then Chaos ensues.

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Caleb: A Short Story (Excerpt)

***Content/Trigger Warning: Car accident, death.*** “He’s my son! That boy deserves to be in Hell!” Sam’s father exclaimed. Fortunately, his mother was more kind-spirited, despite the fact the accident killed her only child. “We and John’s parents have already grieved enough about losing our boys... and Caleb’s mom has been with us since the accident.… Continue reading Caleb: A Short Story (Excerpt)