Looking For My Writing Path

Have you ever read a story that made you forget about your own reality? I'm not talking about Potterverse or Game of Thrones. I'm talking about going into a book and realizing you just spent the past five hours on the couch, chair, or bed and now your muscles ache. I remember that feeling of wanting to know what happened next at the end of the chapter. It was exhilarating and when it was over it was melancholic.

Flash Fiction, Writing

The Church Grim

I was the best guard dog in my life, so naturally, they gave me the job. My owners were sad when I died. I heard them weeping as I lay on the ground after getting hurt from the coyote that was going after our chickens. I fought it off with all my might. I think I injured him, too. It hurt too much to move. I wanted to lick them to tell them I was okay. I did my job. I was a good dog.