The Covers That Could Have Been.

This is a fun post about the all my cover designs that I toyed around using before going with my final designs I published with.

So to refresh your memory… as if I haven’t posted this enough, here are the two book covers I went with.


So let’s start with “Voices: a short story collection” since it was the first book I published!

I was playing around with different designs on Canva before I implemented the final one in Photoshop.

Here’s the first few I thought about doing:


I really liked the first design, but I felt like it was too “pretty” for what kind of book it was. I also really liked the colors on this one, I kind of wish I kept them.

For the second, I was really fond of using that pinkish and blue combo, but I felt like it wasn’t original enough. This one was a little too on-the-nose, and quite frankly a little too noob.

On the third, I tried making it as minimalistic as I could… but I just didn’t really like it!


This is the last design I worked on… Do you recognize this design? I flipped the colors in the end.

I LOVE what I ended up with in the end. I had a lot of fun designing this book cover. It was a learning experience FOR SURE since it was the first time ever using Photoshop. But I think it came out well, don’t you?

I also had a lot of help from my friend Corinne who is an artist that helped me figure out what would look pleasing to the human eye. She also helped me out with the print book cover layout on the novella as I was stressing out about not seeing WHAT WAS WRONG WITH IT all the while knowing there was something wrong with it.

Next book cover, “We Don’t Talk About That.”. For this one, I did a lot of different styles before landing with my final one.

I reaaaaaally wanted that book cover to look like this:


But these were stock photos, and I saw a few people use one of these photos in their book cover and/ or advertisement and I knew that I couldn’t use these for my book cover. I needed something original.

So that’s when I asked my really good photographer friend (Oscar J. Espino) if he had any photos he’d be willing to give to me to use as a cover.

And that got me these:


As you can see one of those photos made it to the final design. 😀

I’m so blessed to have amazing talented friends that are willing to help me purely because they believe in my work. And that’s why I bring them up constantly whenever I can. They truly deserve the recognition.

So those were the covers that could have been. What do you think? Did you like one of the designs more?

Maybe we can change that for the second edition. 😉

Thanks for reading!




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