Coming to the end of 2019

So, here’s the time of the year where I write about all the things that have happened in the past year and reminisce, etc.



This year has been WILD. First off, I published TWO BOOKS. What?!? How did I manage to do that, you ask?

Well, determination and going broke.

But, I’m slowly making my money back! I’ve actually sold a lot more books than I thought I would. It’s very exciting to see my friends and family sending me photos of the books they bought arrive in their mail. I’m also REALLY NERVOUS about how they react. Would they like it? Would they feel obligated to tell me it was good? Would they not tell me if they didn’t like it?

— Cue: my anxiety.

Anyway, so that happened this year. It’s been real, man. I worked so hard on marketing my first book and FAILED at marketing my second, but somehow my friends and fam rallied around me and got people to buy the novella. Even my sister wrote something about the novella on her writing blog which made me cry. You can read it here.

Honestly, all I ever wanted was to get my words out there for people to read and I’m so glad I did the self-publishing route. A lot of folks feel that it’s the “cheating” way to get published, but I think it’s more rewarding. When folks actually buy your book that wasn’t published by a powerhouse with all the money in the world to market and sell a book… yeah that’s pretty neat.

What else happened?

Well outside of writing and book world, I got a full-time job. I’ve decided that it was time to get back into the workforce and help with our finances. This is part of the reason why I failed at marketing my novella. I barely have time to even write my blogs now. I really wanted to get these two books published and since I accomplished those goals, I think I can rest a bit on the writing front… take my time… unless… you want more, then I’ll find a way to give you more!

I’m working on a NaNoWriMo project which is basically me writing a treatment for my script rewrite. It’s definitely not going to get to 50,000 but it’s a motivation to keep me writing for a month. It’s a lot harder to do this with a full time job that doesn’t allow too much time to write. I also feel like I’m not “working hard enough” if I do end up with time to write.

That’s all the excitement for 2019. I do know that next month is going to be a tough one due to holidays and what-not. But I definitely want to do another “goals” post for 2020 in December. Keep an eye out for that one.

I think one of my goals is going to be to write a blog post at least once a month. 😀

Thanks for reading!


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