Coming Soon!

Hi y’all (yes, I say y’all now because I live in the south)! If you aren’t following me on social media then you wouldn’t have known that…


… My short story collection is coming out this July 30th!!!

They will be available online through all the book buying channels in both ebook and print! I also have an Amazon Author page so be sure to follow that for whenever I publish new stuff!

I got my proof the other day. It’s so unreal. I can’t believe I have a BOOK.


I’m so excited. I keep finding errors, but they’re so miniscule that people won’t really notice unless they are looking for it. I’m just going to breathe and go with the flow at this point.

Pre-ordering is available for ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. I’m sure there are other sites hosting the ebook so please check out where you usually buy your ebooks!! Just search for Voices: A Short Story Collection and it should be the first to pop up!

Pre-ordering for print will be available soon… I’m still going through some trouble with setting that up. But please feel free to keep checking or just wait for the release day!

I’m so excited y’all. This is it!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. If you do end up getting this book and read it… I would absolutely love it if you take the time to review it on Goodreads!

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