WIP Talk: Side Project

So, while I’m attempting to put together my anthology, I’ve begun working on my WIP. I’m doing some research for this story and it involves… watercolors.

Last week, I bought a watercolor set because my main character is an artist and one of the mediums she uses is watercolor. I wanted to see for myself how this medium works. My mother is actually the crafty one in my family, so I went to her for some advice on how to approach. She gave me a canvas and was like… just go with the flow.

Thanks, mom.

(But for real, thanks for the push!)


Without giving too much away about the story, my main character’s art circles around the fact that she feels her voice is drowned out by her outstanding siblings and her parents values. So, I wanted her pieces to convey that feeling.


I was thinking about when I put the book together, I’d have some of her artwork displayed, like in the chapter headings or in the middle of the chapters. But, I’m not that great at it yet. As you can see in my first attempt.

Nevertheless, I’m attempting to get a better idea of how my main character’s mind works. It’s a good exercise to do with your characters that you’re trying to work out. Especially when you hit a slump. I recommend doing an activity that you’re writing about. It will definitely enrich your storytelling.

winnie sleeping
My dog napping while I paint.

I’m happy that things seem to be progressing in all of my projects!!

Thanks for reading!



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