WIP Talk: Planning

I started planning out my new story! I’ve got a story down!

I was desperately trying to throw together elements of a story that just wouldn’t fit. So I saw another author use this method from Dan Harmon and decided that I would try it for myself. I think it did help me a lot figure out what I want to happen. This isn’t set in stone either, but at least I have the bare bones!


I’m slowly starting to figure out the setting and getting the family dynamics in play. I want to have it set in a small town, but I don’t know if I should make up my own, or use a town that I know. I’ve been doing some research and it all says that doing either way is fine. The only thing is if you create your own town, the details need to be ironed out completely. I’m prepared to do that!

I’m also deciding what point of view to write in. I’m thinking of doing third person, to challenge myself this time. It’s easier for me to write in first person. I like getting into the mindset of my characters and I love adding their personal commentary during the scenes. I find that I love writing that than I do dialogue.

But, dialogue is so much fun! – You

Sure… – Me

I’ve been having hard times sleeping because my pup has been sick, so it’s been giving me extra time to work on this story. Even though I’ve been working on getting my books published, working on this story will help keep me sane during the process.

Thank you for reading!



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