NaNoWriMo – Halfway There!

🎵Ooooooh we’re halfway there!!! OooooOH! We’re living on a prayer! Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear!🎵
– Bon Jovi

If I write any more than that, I’ll probably be hit with a copyright usage fee or something.

25K words

But seriously… we’re halfway through November guys! This is exciting! Yesterday, I hit my 25K mark. I have to say I’m a little nervous at this point because I’m already at chapter eighteen out of twenty-seven. I’m pretty much three-quarters of the way through my story. Now, unless I can come up with twenty-five thousand more words in the next nine chapters, I don’t know if I can make it.

Fear not! It’s not about stopping when you finish your novel, it’s about hitting 50K words in the month of November. I have a feeling I left out some moments in the previous chapters so, on the chance I do finish my novel before the 30th of November rolls around, I’ll go back and try to add in what’s missing in my scenes.

The holidays are coming just around the corner. I can feel the pressure rise as I push myself to write a few hundred more words than my set goal a day. I don’t want to be set behind just because I went to visit family for Thanksgiving (which is a lot easier now that I moved closer to my parents). There’s been a couple days where I didn’t exactly meet goal, and that’s what pushed back my “extra” words accumulation, but I’m determined to make the rest of this week and do as much as I can.

I’ve been using my word tracker since I started, but I’ve been behind on keeping track of words written per “session”. I started doing it the first week, but then after awhile I forgot to put in the time writing and how many words. I just write down my word count at the end of the day. I don’t know if that other tracker was really helping me anyway. With the main tracker, I’m able to see where I fall on the day and how much I’m either behind or ahead. I like it and it keeps me motivated when I see that I’m 1,000+ words ahead of schedule.

Also, I’ve noticed my sprinting buddies have gone silent. I don’t know if that means they’ve stopped writing or they’re writing at different times than I am. We all live in different parts of the country/continent so, that could easily be it. I’ve tried to keep myself in check by making sure I get to writing at least a couple hours a day.

It also helps that my husband keeps me in line by asking if I’ve written for the day. Thank you, husband.

Anyway, I’m off to start my writing for the day. Hope everyone is doing well with their novels!

Let me know where you are in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. I don’t think I shared my quickly made up book cover for my NaNoWriMo novel. This is in no way going to be the “finished” cover, but it’s fun to have something to see.

Anyway, here it is:

The Storm

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