NaNoWrimo: We got through ten days…

As you know I have planned out my novel by outlining each chapter. So far, it’s been overall helpful when reaching my writing goals per day, but it’s also been hurting me because I’m already over halfway through my outline… and it’s only been ten days.

I think I’m going to just continue along with writing and then if I hit the end of my novel before the end of November, I’m going to go back and try to see if I can add anything to the scenes. Writing in scenes isn’t as hard as I thought, it’s a lot like screenwriting. The only thing that I have to work on is the transitions.

I’m not sure if this is the right way to writing, but it’s helping me get through my NaNoWrimo and that’s all that matters at this point.

The past five days have been late night writing days. When my belongings arrived from the movers, I focused the day on putting things away. I also had to work on some freelance stuff so that took up the rest of my afternoon. The only available time was to write at night.


I’m normally not a night writer. The first night I made coffee, wrote for a couple hours and then tried to go to sleep. Sleep didn’t work so well, I was still wired from the coffee. So, the second night I decided not to make coffee and just write. I still made my word count goals and I wrote a little more as well. I’m trying to keep my word count about 1,000 more than the daily goal. I think that if I can keep it at that rate, I can only do a few hundred words for the holidays.

My story is coming a long pretty well. I think I was a little ambitious in trying to do three different point of views. I’m having a terrible time switching between them, or rather getting in the mindset between the three. Each character has their own personality and I’m really trying to convey that. The third person point of view is supposed to be objective, but I know for certain I’ve written in “feelings” and “thoughts”. That will have to be something to work on during my edits. For now, I just write.

18,739 words

I was going to try and meet other writers at a write-in event here where I’m currently living, but this weekend is still a “getting things organized in the apartment” time. I’m hoping this week will be different since everyone is here now and my pup won’t be alone.

I gotta get back to writing!

Oh, if you didn’t notice I posted a new full story for my Patreon Exclusives. If you’ve been wanting to know what happens next, I suggest going on to and subscribe to my Exclusive Access Tier!! 🙂

Thank you for reading!


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