New Short Story Ideas…

I’m going to be changing gears on my short story excerpts.

I’ve written about 14 short stories since I started this blog back in January. My original idea was to just write these short stories for you guys to read on this blog. Then, I decided, well I’m writing so many I might as well make a compilation of them. And thus started a common theme between each story: People and their lives. Since I’ve written about 14 of them, I think I’m going to cut off there.

A potential book cover idea for my short stories.

I was originally going to cut off at 12, but then I got excited and wanted to continue. I might do one more to finish it off at 15 and find three common ideas to put together in equal “parts”. I will be polishing off these babies before I publish my novella. I want to be able to have them available as an ebook and if there’s a ton of interest I’ll consider getting them out in print.

My next challenge will be building a story from writing prompts.

I’m hoping to be able to test my writing abilities by writing something based off an idea that was given to me. Normally, I come up with the idea and write it. This time I want to find writing prompts either via other blogs or from you.

I’m setting up a doc where I’m putting all my writing prompts in. If you have any suggestions, please put them in the comments! I will set up an area on my patreon and facebook as well.

Note: If you put something about a romance on there, be prepared to have one person die. It’s not that I have a thing against romance (I know a lot of great romance authors out there). I’m just not really great at writing romance. It comes out too cheesy and I have issues with writing intimacy… because I can’t stop being immature and giggle.

What I’m hoping to accomplish with these next set of short stories is to be able to build another compilation! Writing these short stories have given me energy and enthusiasm to continue working on my longform stories. I feel like being able to finish a story encourages me because I know that if I can finish all these short stories, I can certainly finish my novel.

It also helps to have you guys out there reading my blog and short story excerpts. It motivates me to continue creating content. I seriously thank you guys for sticking around and reading whatever I put out.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for prompts and I’m excited to find some exciting prompts online.

Thanks for reading!



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