Patreon, Ko-fi, what is this?

So, as I’m trying to make sense of everything in the world that comes with freelancing, I’ve stumbled across a couple websites that allows a creator, like myself, to make an income! This is still new to me, so if I don’t have all the facts right, I’m sorry.


Patreon is used for any kind of creator from musicians and podcasters to writers and filmmakers. Creators post content on their patreon pages for their patrons (pledgers) to gain access to. It’s a great way to connect with your community, keep interested parties involved with your work, and lastly make an income. There are several pledge tiers to choose from, each with their own unique rewards. I’m trying this page out for myself and I’m in the process of getting the page ready for launching!

If you would love to continue reading any of my stories I excerpted on this blog, please become a patron when I launch!!

UPDATE: My patreon is launched and a-go for you pledge! Click here!!


This is sort of like Patreon, but there are no “pledge tiers”. Ko-fi is pronounced like “coffee” and it’s a site made for people to “buy coffee” for their favorite creators. So, if you just like what I’ve been writing and you think, hey this girl deserves a coffee or two, click on this link:

Buy Me a Coffee at

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